SKYSISTERS is about encouraging, supporting, motivating and challenging experienced, up-and-coming, and new female skydivers through skills camps, record attempts, conventions, education and communication.

Susie McLachlan - Organiser


The first Skysisters Convention was in 2005 and was so terrific that we had another one again only 2 years later in 2007. It's been toooo long, the girls have itchy feet and so, we are very pleased to announce the third Skysisters Convention in April 2011. 

All female skydivers from around Australia and the globe are most welcome to attend - consider this your invitation! There are a few changes to the format, fabulous coaches confirmed and loads of fresh ideas to get excited about. Go to the 2011 Convention page to learn more and get involved.

For non-skydiving ladies interested in the sport and attending the upcoming Convention in 2011, you have two options 1. do your skydiving course before the event or 2. as part of the event (12 slots available). Go to the Become a Skysister page to learn more. 


Spectators Welcome

Come and see the passion, energy and excitement of more than 100 female skydivers, executing over 5,000 jumps over a nine day event.

The Skysisters will be attempting to smash both National and World record jumps including Wingsuit Flock skydives and Canopy Formation stacks which has the media talking after every convention!  There will be fun activities such as key word and picture jumps, body painted jumps, lingerie jumps, aerial fashion photo shoots and much more.